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Massage Services

A Blissful State
of Body & Mind

At Charleston Relaxation Massage we specialize in therapeutic relaxation massage and the therapeutic art of Myofascial Release. A variety of techniques are incorporated to give you a relaxing tranquil experience. Get out of your head and into a totally relaxed state.

Relaxation (Swedish) Massage

Whether you're looking for some pampering and "me time", or just want to wind down and relax, this massage is for you!

Swedish massage utilizes long, kneading strokes along the topmost layers of the muscles, as well as light stretching and hot towels to give you the ultimate in relaxation and muscle tension relief.

*Please note that this is not a deep tissue massage. If you need a more therapeutic treatment option, please see our Myofascial Release sessions.

60 Minutes


90 Minutes

$ 119

Relaxation Massage Add-Ons

*Note: The following can only be added on to the relaxation massage, as no oils or lotions are used in Myofascial release.


Further enhance your massage experience by adding one of our doTerra essential oil blends to your oil.

Broad & Full Spectrum Oils

Add broad or full-spectrum massage oil to any Relaxation massage for an added level of relaxation and pain-relief.

Therapeutic (Myofascial) Massage

Reduce soreness and help assist the tissue recovery process. Release tension, knots and even stress.

Myofascial release involves slow, sustained pressure applied by the hands to areas where fascial tissue restricts mobility and may cause pain.  The movement stretches the skin and fascia underneath, freeing up fluid within layers of tissue. The pressure used is gentle yet is believed to reach deeper layers of muscle and nerves than deep forms of bodywork.

30 Minutes

$ 39

Other Services

Massage Gun Treatment

During this treatment, the therapist utilizes a massage gun on specifically targeted areas of focus, or as a full body treatment if time permits. This option is done fully clothed and is great for those seeking something to help maintain results in between regular massages, or those looking for an option with minimal skin-to-skin contact.

30 Minutes with Massage Gun

$ 39

Have Any Questions?

Do you have a question about something you don’t see here? Please visit our FAQ page. If you still don’t have your answer, you are welcome to contact us.

E-Gift certificates are available and can be purchased by telephone only. Please contact us if you are interested.